Importance of online presence for businesses , start-ups and individuals

Its a digital age where having an online presence whether its a website or social media is very important for corporate businesses, startups or even individuals like artists, freelancers, photographers etc to attract customers. According to Google 97 percent of people search for services or any business related queries online, so mostly all your customers are present online and you should as well.

online presence

Important Aspects for online presence


The website is an online profile for a company where the visitors can get needed information like products , contact details , services , pricing etc.A website can also serve as a E-commerce platform to sell products and services to more visible audience. It is also important to regularly update website with changing information.

Social Media

Social media is the best platform to present your business, whether its a facebook page, twitter account, google plus page or a Instagram account there are millions of user using it. You can use social media to sell your product, get pageviews on your website, present your services and much more. The key is to choose a suitable platform and use it appropriately.

Search Engine Visibility

Once a website is created it needs to be shown up on search page results otherwise its of no use. People search for keywords related to your product and services so its important your website is listed. Google’s and other search engine’s search algorithm takes into account many factors which includes relevant content, structure and website popularity.




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